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Sexy Foreign Show: Cinthia Fernandez (Abbey Diaz) – Bailando

I have no clue what the show is about. I dont care what the conversation was…but check out the body on this hottie. Makes me pissed that we have to watch Biggest Loser to see who can lose the most weight after eating Arbys while these countries get big boobs and fine ass.

Booty Clap by Swag Demonds

This white girl is thicker than a Compaq Laptop.

£1 Fish Man – One Pound Fish – O-Fish-Al Video

If you thought the Psy song “Gangam Style” was a step down in the global IQ, wait until you see this. I got this sent to me from a reader from the UK and by the looks of it, “fish” is only a dollar.

Also, this was the original video that lead to this budget busting music video to be made:

The Mayans were right.

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