Its not hard ladies, I don’t understand why some of you are looking at the wrong places for the right gift.

Last night my semi-GF texts me that she does not know what to get me. I tell her exactly the things I and probably any other guy would want…electronics, and some nice time pieces. Since I just got a flat screen and the new Bold, the choice came down to one – a watch.

Since I already know what I’m about to get, I’m making it even easier by picking out the exact watch I want for my collection and let he just swipe her credit card and use the dollars she earns stripping on something I want. If you want socks again or some crap book, then keep quiet this Christmas. I am going to be as open and obvious so there is no crap collecting dust down the road.

Here is the casio pathfinder which some might want since its Solar Powered. If your GF is one of those college hippies, then this could not only look good, but score points when you tell her you are trying to leave a smaller carbon foot print.

I’m asking for this one: Tag Heuer Aquaracer Grande Black Dial Chronograph.