So I wake up today and find that I managed to get into bed my one pant leg off and some random girl in my bed. There are beer bottles all over the place and from what I recall, last night I was at a local college bar getting my drink on to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It was awesome!

by greenmelindaMy head is pounding and I see from my window that one of my friends is asleep on a garbage bag on the front lawn. This is really going to suck for the neighbors and the old fart home owners association, but I don’t give a shit. Let the kid sleep his drunkenness off I say. Another friend is sleeping on the floor in the hallway and my roommate is in his room talking to some chick. I’m proud to say I have finally corrupted him. Welcome to the dark side motha fucka!

God my head is pounding and I gotta wake this girl up and get he outta hear. There is no way I’m about to share my cereal with her. Plus my stripper pole is coming today. That reminds me:

I bought a stripper pole last week on the count that I’ve been hooking up with a stripper a few time a week. Since I like to support the local arts, I opted to spend $300 to get a pole sent over for my room. My logic, why go to the club, when the club can come to you? I got my bed with mirror on the ceiling, I got my pole, and have Sugar Crisp cereal in the kitchen. Perfect setup.

I’m out. Gotta figure a way to get this girl out of my house and gotta make sure my friend sleeping by the trash on the curb does not picked up by the collection…hah..that would suck…or would it? hmmm…