I was watching the news and heard three little pussy ass punks got arrested.

The story:

Darnell Myles didn’t have to see the video airing on TV of Derrion Albert’s slaying to find out that the neighborhood around Christian Fenger Academy High School is dangerous. Two of his children attend the school where Albert was an honor student, and they have long been “scared for their safety,” he said.

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I remember growing up and getting into fights and it was one on one. You dealt with it like that and after it was over, it was over. Not like the pussy ass punk kids today and lose a fight, call their friends, and take it to some next level. To the parents of the accused and soon to be convicted, your dumb neglectful fucks. your going to blame TV or the school or even porn for some scapegoat. But you should have used that metal hanger when you found out you were preggers and aborted. This video is fucked up watching but its shit that needs to be seen.

All these assholes need some time in the army. You want to kill people? how about killing those that need to die? This society is full of pussies that need to be whipped.