Yes, its great to get other people gifts, but what about yourself? Girls are always talking about retail therapy, I know my girl talks about it while maxing out credit cards on lingerie. So yes, that does have a benafit to me as well, but I still want something nice.

Movado-Watch-Fiero-0605850Thanks to another blog I follow, I have got lucky enough to make some serious cash in the last few months. That helped pay for my Ducati bike a few trips, and now for what the hippity hoppers call, “ice on the wrist”. There are a few movado watches that are better than the cheap bling I see on the wrist of other people trying to pickup girls. You need a nice, REAL watch if you want to have any game picking up girls. The only fake things I like to see in public are the botox lips and bolt on guns women finally realize are much needed and greatly appreciated.

I found a watch a want, if there is nobody out there willing to hook me up with this watch, I will be happy to pay for my own watch. Its always good to reward yourself.