I was checking my email last night and found a fwd that a friend of mine sent me. This has to be the funniest music video I have seen in a long time. Now before you watch it, its an Indian music video with the English subtitle. So if you hate reading for extended periods of times, don’t bother.

I have clue what the hell they are saying but the subtitles are the funniest shit ever. Hopefully I can pickup some cues from the video to pick up Indian chicks, my mission is to the official penis for the UN…bringing international hotties together one lay at a time.

freida-pinto-1Now while I was watching this video, I started to wonder who the hottest Indian girl was. Yes, I have only a few things in my mind. Anyways, for me, the one that was in Slum Dog Millionaire is by far one of the hottest pieces of ass in a long time. Just one question, how the hell is she dating that British uni-brow anorexic co-star from the same movie? I guess that is another topic for another day, the fact that hot girls date ugly ass losers. It seems like India has produced a lot of hot girls in the last few years. Almost all I have never heard of.

Two others that are worth looking are polar opposites. The first is Priya Rai (Porn star), and the other is world famous Aishwarya Rai (Miss World and a major tease). Having those two in bed at the same time would be like eating Doritos and Rice Crispy Squares after getting high.