So not every girl feels sexy when they have something wrong in their lives. Its not the end of the world. Nothing is a bigger turn off than a girl that complains. I’m sure the ladies feel the same when guys whine about paper cuts too.

5000AGSome people have problems with their feet/legs and this requires special wraps to make the blood move better. Boo hoo I say. Why? Because out of this group, some will complain, why others will embrace and buy sexy stockings that get you looks from the guys at the club. A sexy pair of legs, some confidence, and I’m going to work my game on you. Tell me, do the stocks on the side look bad? You’d have to be blind to disagree.

Now this is the thing, when there are products like medi stockings, why get all down? Have fun! There are tonnes of products out there to keep you going and enjoy things you always did in the past and probably want to do in the future. The stocks are not the same ones your grand-ma probably wore, these are functional and sexy…kinky if you ask me.

At the end of the day, we are all going to get sick at some point. Don’t think of this as being the end of the world, things have changed and products are out there to make life better.

Time to kiss the sky and then eat some waffles.