Okay, I thought it was awesome and it got me to brush my teeth today. The transitions are flippin amazing. I wish I had a video camera or good digital camera. My ex-broke the last one I had because she didn’t know how to delete pictures – yea anger management for somebody…tell me about it…now I’m lost on what to buy. Anyone out there in the world wide web wanna buy me one? haha. Yea I wish. And I will keep wishing till it comes true. Until then enjoy this crazy awesome video:

Asides from this, my idiot friends brought up some old drunk yelling match between my roommate and me from a few months back. Apparently we were fighting about who can eat the most raw onions and were supposed to do this but must have passed out in a puddle of vomit before it transpired.

Bored and ungrateful for sleeping in my living room, watching my LCD bigscreen and eating my food, they decide to bring it up and egg my roommate to go with this. Now how would I look if I backed down? Mature? maybe. But this isnt the Buckingham Palace, this is America and I dont back down! So at 6pm somebody is going to reek really bad.

by MShades

The loser has to head out with onion breath and talk to 12 random girls up close and try to get 1 number. I am going to brainstorm on how to cheat. Yes you read correct. Am I bad for doing so? nah. What you think. What is the best method of action?