I have for the longest time been an average guy, I workout once in a while, get high often and go to bars to get some college tail. Its been a good time and great results.

Recently, I joined a local gym that offers Muay Thai boxing, if you dont know what that is, here is a Wikipedia link. So this shit is intense. I have never been in better shape. I know I get my ass kicked a lot by the pros at this gym, but with warmer weather coming up, my abs are starting to form nicely and thats all I really care about at this point – my abs and arms.

Back to the story. So with this sport, I get some nice face shots and recently got a black eye. A few weeks back you might remember my head going into a satellite dish which left a scar, small one on my forehead. Well its these types of battle wounds that girls love. For some reason it enables these hot chicks who wear no panties some sort of purpose.

Well that is fine-fukadiddaly-great with me. Seriously boys, get out there and get some active shit going on. Not only will you stand out from all those lazy farts at the bars, you will have the stamina to go all night long. You know what I’m talking about.

by Katie Tegtmeyer