Yesterday my roommate had intense runs thanks to the liquid laxative I put in the milk he uses for cereal and coffee. He totally knew it was me after the second “explosion” he encountered while at his office. We are cool for the time being as I know he is going to get me back…I accept the challenge.

by rick

My roommate and me went to some local college bar with some other dudes. It was lame to start off with before the ladies arrived. I used my charm by pretending to be my roommate. I told the girls I worked for a big company as an accountant – (really I sit around at home trading stocks and watching cartoons in my underwear and socks). Anyways, 4 shots later, the girl actually started to dig me.

Then, out of no where, her boyfriend shows up. Uh ohhh. I am a little angry, girl used me for free drinks which I could have downed with some other college girl. The night didn’t end off too badly, my friend passed out in the bar and the girl he was trying to get with and nicely sauced up ended up needing a ride home. Do I take this girl home or drive my passed out friend back to his place safely? Like I true good friend, I took the girl to my place and kicked her out in the morning when she asked for sugar crisps…bad thing to ask for this week. Was that the right call? The way I see it, my friend won’t remember squat and even if he does, would not want his efforts to be wasted. And Sugar Crisps are in limited supply in this pad.