This is the place to get some fine cougars and MILFS!

Today I was heading out to the local grocery store and thought I’d instead hit up my local Whole Foods. Mind you, I last went there one day a year ago really late at night. Going in the morning, its full of hotties.

heidi-montag-giant-melons All I needed was milk, but with the sheer volume of hot moms, I just walked around the produce section and took my time, admiring the “melons” if you know what I mean.

When it comes to my persona, I always take care of my body, low body fat, dress clean and the key – exude confidence. With the last point, I saw my target and just approached her. She was looking at some vegetables and once close to her looked for an initiation.

Simple, asked her “how do you tell whats fresh?”…now the ice is breaking as the MILF explained what to look for and how to smell produce…a few mins go by, I throw in the point that I am trying to cook something new, girls love a guy that can cook…some more bullshit talking…and I got her number. How easy is that? Very.

So now I am home, with my gallon of milk and the possibility of having some dessert in the afternoon. I get ready, I am seeing this at lunch, and my stripper booty is coming over tonight to test the pole. I love it.

…to be continued.