So its mothers day. We all have a mom that needs some respect today. For me, I had to get up early, drive about 100 miles to my parents house and took the queen out for a nice brunch. Great lil boy I am. After that was done, we hung out a bit. Now on the way back to my place, I thought to myself…there must be single moms out there. I mean, I frequent the strip clubs and see so many on a Tuesday trying to shake their c-section scarred tummies for dollar bills…but today, where will they be.

You guessed right my friends, the park! Singles moms are at the park and its where I am heading. Console a lonely hot mom as she spends some time with her little kids. Taking advantage of a situation? Maybe.

Here is some entertainment for mothers day:

And for you women out there, I have my special treat, a lesson all should know fully as your role. Just ignore the date this was printed…

Happy MILF Hunting day!