This weekend was busy for me. I got cocky at my mixed martial arts competition and lost to some little shit that I should have easily taken out. I guess partying with a bunch of strippers until 5am is not the best prep before a fight. After this competition, I managed to hit up the McDonalds in the area and some homeless guy tried to sell me a bootleg Hangover DVD. $1. Bought it and watched it after seeing it at the theater and managed to remind myself of the boobage Heather shared.

This is a great girl. She has the assets we all want to see and she gladly shows them off. Look at her, she can’t act for shit but if I was going to hand out an Oscar for best set of cans, she would be a contender.

With her being 39, I would like to say she is a MILF (or Cougar)

Heather Graham tits flash