fuck_on_the_first_datePlain and simple, the best way to get hot girls every night is to hit up the local college bars. If you have a few dollars, a heart beat and the ability to hold a decent conversation, your golden. But with the summer months being a slow time at the local bars, I switched to my online game. I have a few sites that I have been frequenting for ass and lately, my attention shifted to a newer one.

I am going to post up some simple steps that a stoned monkey can do, so don’t mess this shit up!

Create a FREE Profile on Yahoo Personals. From there, you should upload a decent picture. Don’t expect much action or responses if your going to post no picture. It should also be recent. If your 300lbs now and posting a pic from last year when you weighed half that, again, don’t waste your time. Girls will call you out in person.

Second, when your making your profile, post what you are into, but be general so you can still use the specifics as interesting conversations. Find out what she is into first and if you REALLY just want to bang the chick, just be into that same crap too. Its amazing how quickly I said I liked John Mayer’s music and just did a run on Wikipedia to learn more so I looked credible for the sake of seeing some melons.

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Now when you meet up in person, drink but don’t get drunk. You gotta be in control of the game. Pace your self, be funny and confident and I can assure you that 3 out of 5 times you will bring the girl to your home, motel or the back of your car. I have won so many times its not even funny anymore.

hot bikini girlsSo back to my latest girl. I found this girl from Yahoo! Personals and got to chat it up with her. I did not immediately ask about fooling around but took the girl in slowly. We exchanged emails for about a week before moving on to MSN. From there, we talked about another week before we started to hit it up on webcam. From there, it was yet another week before she started flashing me on the webcam and giving me her cell phone number. Its slow, but really, I have nothing to do and can manage a fleet of girls online like this. I was stoned out of my mind 90% of the time. Girls need attention, as long as I asked “how was your day” and just listened to her bullshit complaints and reality TV summaries, I knew I would get something in the end.

On Saturday, I did.

I met this girl at a local sports bar on Saturday and we had a couple of drinks before I talked her into coming over to my place to watching a movie. Before the movie had even got into the first 5 minutes, I was getting some of the best head for 2009. It was only getting better from there. I tapped this girl like an oil well for hours and this morning as I slept like a baby, I got to wake up to some insane head. Apparently she wanted to help me wake up with a smile. This girl is a keeper for alteast a week and then I will repeat on Yahoo! Personals again.

You can all do this too. Its cheaper than going to a club and you can go at your own pace. I have quite a few booty calls now that I can finally share this site to the rest for enjoyment.

My educational article is done.