I was out getting groceries yesterday when something happened that made me wonder…

I parked my car in the lot and was walking into the store. Now picture a parking lot, to get into the store you usually need to cross that driveway where they have a cross walk for pedestrians just before you get into the store.

Well there is a stop sign right? Pedestrians have a right of way..correct? So what the hell does the asshole hick driver want to cuss a person out for crossing the lane way? I was going across and a confederate flag piece of junk, rust bucket of a truck had its windows down and yells at me “your welcome…next time I won’t stop”.

Do some people expect a reward for stopping at a stop sign? Do they want recognition for crapping into a toilet or pissing into a urinal? Do they want a reward for driving in the right direction on the road? Damn some people annoy the shit out of me with their lame brain logic.

Sometimes I wish these nuts would learn to read and understand laws. I know this has happened to others too.

It does not matter what he said, because after I got my supply of cereal and condoms, I “accidentally” hit his truck with a shopping cart…whoops!…

Here is some random shopping cart vids to waste some time: