Alright guys, this is probably some site I signed up for when I was either really stoned, or really drunk – maybe both come to think of it. But getting back to it, it was something that I signed up for back in July and then told some of my friends about and by November was not really active on it.

Well today, I was going through all the hate mail I get from feminists and fat people who are offended that I get laid while they get sore wrists from their lonely nights when I found some email from a place called Cashcrate. I had no f’in clue what it was and thought for a moment it was spam. Especially when it said I had a balance.

Well I logged into the site, I shit, to my amazement, I had $361 earned from past work and other junk. Its sweet to know that on the 10th of this month I get a check for this zero work that I did and can probably use this money to get a few girls drunk and bring back to my place for some fantasy role play that is floating in my head. I love it.

You know I will share the link to my loyal readers and the haters who read what I say and then email me moral bull shit. Seriously, if you want to do shit and make money for being like that, click RIGHT HERE. If you prefer to work probably 9-5 for 5 days a week and then make the same money or less, then dont click THIS LINK.

Personally, $361 is not a lot compared to my stock trading shit, but fuck, I will take this free money since I dont think my ass with get a bailout from the government anytime soon like those private jet flying, coke snorting fat ass CEO’s.

Its a Saturday afternoon and its warm outside, time to hit up the outdoors to look at the female specimen as it goes around with less clothes to show of its curves. Maybe I will have some ass to celebrate the weekend with.