where the hell does the weekend go? anyone ever wonder that? I do.

Last night I got plastered with some girls and some of my boys. Then, one of the girls decides to open up with her feelings with me…thank god it was around the time the alcohol was really starting to kick in. Otherwise it would be lame yapping.

This morning I woke up at 9am and thought it was 9pm. I know that happens to everyone, or atleast will think that it does in order to feel like I am normal. Me and the roommate wanted food. As usual, we never agree and after getting a garbage can thrown at me, we agreed to get both foods – pancakes and chicken wings. Its pretty decent when your dying of hunger after a night of drinking. trust me.

While we are eating, I was thinking, what is up with people that say things compared to those that do things? for instance, we today said we were going to eat food, we just didn’t stop at this point, but actually did so. We followed through. When I “say” I am going to take a shower, I actually “do”. Some people just stop at saying. For instance, some people will “say” they are going to go to the store and buy some ice cream sandwiches but never do. Instead some back with a box of Eggo Waffles. Saying and doing can be applied through out life. Just maintain your commitments and obligations when you create them yourselves. I know there are other examples of saying and doing. Share if you care.

Here is a video if you dont care about reading, TRUST me its funny shit!!