miketeethsonMike Tyson, its been a while since we hear about this foolio but you know what, I’m going to put him up today. This guy is the man! I mean, look at his lovable mug, what girl walking down the street would not walk up to him in a dark New York street? Cross to the other side instead? Retards!

Mike has been through a lot, and is proof that morons do not deserve money. He is probably one of many that I hear about lately that is either one broke ass mofo, or like others (rappers in general), live life with counterfeit diamonds and fake LV sunglasses (like that big fat ass Rick False Ross). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check around for the news that came out today.

Ricky, the prison guard Ross is one of those rappers that talked about moving cocaine in Miami…now let me get this straight, you are a big time coke dealer, but now come public with a song, alienate your multi-million dollar drug empire to be a rapper working for less money and bound to legal contracts? Yeah, makes a whole lotta sense mista. Its known he used to be some type of prison guard, now its public he wears fake stuff after Louis Vuitton comes out with a letter of their own.

Better yet, turn on MTV Cribs..how the hell does a one hit wonder rap star always make it to MTV cribs? How do they have 7 cars yet months later, is on REAL NEWS filing for bankruptcy? Mike Tyson was living a life that cost the fool $400,000 a month, MC Hammer lost $33 million dollars, the list goes on with this fools.

Its sad that all the young kids out there idolize these fake and counterfeit bubble gum superstars and everything they are not. But back to Mike Tyson, I found some awesome footage of some his best interview moments. Its probably the best Mike Tyson video you probably never seen! See how this post just jumped from one topic to the next, kinda like the brain of Mikey Tyson.