gang2After I tapped my booty call one last time before she headed off to work at the Strip Club this afternoon, I noticed my laptop was open to the news. Being a person of culture, I minimized the news and headed off to watch porn and various funny animal videos while getting high. As the buzz wore off, I found myself reading this once minimized tab.

One story that really stuck out today was not related to some global war threat, nor was it related to which latest celeb leaked nude photos or the winner of the Biggest Loser 2009 – really who gives a shit, a bunch of fat people lost weight on TV but will put all that weight back x2 in the next month. Instead, it was a story of gang warfare in Latin America.

The story (read it here) talked about how two young, dumb ass brother were rival gangs. The older brother caught his younger brother outside their home and got into a fight. This is when one brother pulled out his gun and killed the other one. Really…is does being in a gang mean so much that you kill your own blood?

I wish I could say that is one of those idiot cases out there, but I’m sure its not. Morons like this are all over the place. Willing to cut own family off (physically, mentally, financially) for their own personal gains. We all have that crack head cousin, or alcoholic uncle that is probably a cancer on the family, but at the end of the day, they are still blood and still family – which sticks together.

If these idiots had any mental skills, they could have realized that diversified as they were, they could have had stakes in two companies (gangs) and able to have a steady incoming flow of money/drugs/hoes from either side. How hard was that to think up?

olivia-wilde In an unrelated story, Olivia Wilde, aka “Thirteen” from House is the Maxim’s Hottest girl (see top 20 here). I don’t know how she got picked over some of the others out there (like Jessica Biel and her nude rack or Megan Fox) but whatever. She is pretty damn hot. Now tying back to the first story, if those two brothers were fighting over who is going to tap Olivia Wilde first and the loser of that fight would be stuck with sloppy seconds, I could probably understand why blood is not always thicker and somebody would get killed.