…and I’m fuckin going!

Why you ask? Well simply put, I found out after hooking up with her the last couple of nights that she STRIPS FOR A LIVING!! This was probably the icing on the cake today since Thai boxing isnt really the most safest exercises, so to have the juices flowing during my session knowing that the girl I bang is a stripper is probably every guys dream.

So this might not be the girl you take home, but whatever, her body is banging and might as well enjoy the ride. Its Tuesday I know, but hey, today all little kids were winning free money off the stock market and that included myself. Grrrrreat! Time to get some free lap dances, get a little tipsy, and bring a stripper home! Woo hoo!!

I don’t know what is coming on TV Tuesday night, but I hope you all enjoy it! I will be making my own little “show” in a few.

If you have not been to a strip club, here is a PG version so I don’t upset the feminists that hate on my blog with their emails:
by brettneilson