I have the best out of this atmosphere high right now. So typing isn’t really the best thing at the moment.

A few things I want to say. First, I’m retarded for believing what others convinced my stay at home ass. Now to make a long story short, I though this was Memorial Day long weekend. Since I don’t have a job like others, I took their word and was ready to do a BBQ with all my homies and some girls from the local strip club. Bought all this shit that I had marinated and started to grill only to realize that my roommate is at work.

To justify thing, everyday is a holiday for me. I have money coming in like a drug cartel (according to some, but definitely not!) so care less if its Wednesday or Sunday. Its the same for me. So I did my own BBQ, got shit faced and used my roommate’s toothbrush to scratch my ass. I think we will be even.

dollaAnother thing, today some rapper named Dolla was fatally shot near a valet stand outside a mall after a dispute with another man Monday afternoon. Now the news is talking about the murder his music and the lifestyle surrounding it….but if you look at this whole situation through my CSI/herbal mind set, you would see that a couple of hours before his death, he signed up for Twitter. Did Facebook get pissed off? Just a thought.

Now to my final topic before I rejoin my attention towards “Puff the Magic Dragon”, Natalie Portman. Baby, if your reading this, I got some good herb and a big bed for you and a special cream filled Twinkie. You have a dirty little mouth that has me going. Your movies suck but you have this undercover freak aura about you. Its the only reason I care.