Yes, I’m talking about that new show from Fox, what the hell is this?

I have a girl over tonight and the last thing I wanted to watch was this show. First, I didn’t even know what it was about. So I had to head over to IMDB where it says its a musical/comedy. I was not sold when I read about the show but found a trailer from Youtube.

Now after watching the trailer, it was a resounding “hell no” and off I went to throw things at my roommate while he tries to meet some bogus deadline at work. Idiot thinks he is going to get a promotion.

Not sure if others saw the show. If it was good, great. If not, I just saved an hour of my life from being wasted. The girl that was over said it was really good. But really, a 22 year old blond that is still a sophomore at the local community college isn’t going to be too convincing unless her clothes are on the floor….which is what went down a short time ago heh heh

Only interesting part of the show was the fact that it was based from Lima, Ohio. I banged a couple of girls that way about a year ago. Memories.