yes. Crazy. Crazy as hell.

So as you know, last week we had no satellite since my big head smashed it out of service. Well since we have cable internet, we just got a splitter from Radio Shack and managed to split the cable and get basic channels for the Superbowl Party.

Its funny how so many people watch for the commercials instead of the game. I honestly could care less as I was too busy scoping the house for a girl to score my own touchdown with.

It did not take too long before a girl approached me and asked about the injury and after I told her it was caused after I tried to defend an old lady who was being robbed my two guys (which is a total bull shit lie worthy of an Oscar), the green light was given for a private after bowl party in the love shack.

I was exhausted and needed to get some seriously important things done and told my roommate that he needed to be home from 11am – 4pm for the repair guy form the Satellite company. First, how the hell is the time span so large? Initially retard agreed but managed to go to work somehow which meant nobody was home.

Excited to have my cartoons back, I come home to find a note attached to the door saying how the repair guy came and was unable to get inside the house.

Well now that I’m stuck with pathetic basic cable TV shows, I am not very happy. I am pissed that some feel work to be more important that everything else. So right now, I have my magic wizard bong and some papers to roll before I wait for tonight.

My roommate is going to have one hard time getting up tomorrow. When I’m board, I am creative. When I”m creative, somebody gets screwed over.