Simply put. I won. Idiots let me of all people make the rules.

Basically, before we started, my roommate and me were given one large onion cut into small pieces. The winner was going to be the person who ate their onion the fastest. I didn’t even have to cheat. When the contest started, I took my time with one tiny piece while my roommate stuffed his face trying to actually win at something.

After he was done and noticed I didn’t touch my onion, he knew he had truly lost. Do you follow?

Well the LOSER would have to pick up girls with this breath, well with no onion breath, I don’t have any disadvantage getting the ladies. My retard roommate on the other hand has spent the last hour using mouth wash to get the stink out from this mouth. His job as an accountant makes him constantly talking and doing presentations to different departments. Hopefully for the sake of his co-workers, his breath improves because as of right now, it stinks. He is standing in front of me right now talking and I swear it smells like a bag of onions in my room. Score one for the unemployed people out there.

So today I just shorted a stock known as Bank of America. 2500 shares shorted from $6.75 – 6.01. Do the math on that kids. I guess I can continue playing Xbox this week since my money has been made.

Oh yea, I found a really slick game out there that I started playing: Free Internet Games - Sumo

Try to shove the
other sumo
wrestler out of
the ring.

Play this free game now!!

Its a good waste of time for all the slackers out there. I kind of looks like two fat people having some foreplay. Look carefully.

Oh and today I learned that I am a iTunes sucker. So basically I download my tunes legally and pay. Well there is a blog a follow and the author posted a way to get 50 free tunes. This helped since I got 50 tunes under my roommates name and then another 50 in my lazy couch surfer slob friend. I am going to show some love and post up his site so you can get it too: click me

I think there was a link for Valentines cards too. I tried to upload a picture of a dong so the card could be sent out to my roommate, his office address and his girlfriend as a joke but the card got disapproved. would have been a good one since the address would be anonymous.

Later my internet homies.