Yesterday I was in a world of hurt with my head smashing pain, we have no satellite TV and dumb-tards hog the Xbox when we have two controllers and always atleast two bums plus myself and my roommate hanging at the house. Annoying as shit I tell you and I know you can relate when you want to play too but have to wait for the round to be over before the controller gets passed around. For some reason, waiting feels like an eternity but your actual time playing goes by in what seems like 30seconds.

Thankfully, I did not have to sit around playing Xbox with a stoner, a drunk, and an accountant (and my two other friends haha) because lady friend of the day was going to swing by and make it all better. I’m telling you guys, get hurt. For some retarded reason, chicks will do whatever to make you feel better. This girl not only cooked a kick ass meal, but cleaned up the place after and then “tucked me in” for the night. All for what? a gash on my head. The painkiller have be numb already and I got that tested out with a couple of body shots thanks to my caring friends who wanted to make sure I was truly numb. Thanks assholes.

Anyways, I’m up and gonna eat some sugar crisps and kick this girl out with some excuse and try to get another friend to come over. In the meantime, you guys can watch this mini movie I found to be funny. I have a friend that looks like this dude which is why I laughed. He is no Russell Peters – now that dude is funny and pretty cool from the time I met up with him, but still. New talent for us to either give shit reviews for, or to laugh at his jokes. You decide while I prepare to ride.

Yes, its Super Bowl today too…great…there are going to be 20 people over trashing this place. Hopefully nobody passes out here for the night because I have a sharpie marker and some artistic dongs I want to ink on foreheads before they head to work. That will make them stand out in the office haha…I suck.