most already know that next week is National Pancake day at IHOP. Basically on that day you get some free food. Sweet!

My roommate and I were talking just now about how much food we eat when I am high compared to him sober. At this moment, we have no food in the house and I got groceries two days ago. Its not really my fault since lately I do Thai boxing for 2hrs and then “relax” afterwards. I need my energy and fruit roll ups and Dunkeroos provide that.

Since my roommate cried like a little girl today for noting being able to eat what he wanted…or because I pulled the chair from under him while he was about to sit down with his bowl of cereal (which all spilled haha)…we have set up tomorrow as the real National Pancake day in this crib. IHOP is going to get screwed over by me and lose money on their $3.99 all you can eat pancake promotion.

Today will be intense working out on my part. My coach, Mister Wizard has some good stuff to prepare me.

My motivation song:

The training begins…cuz I got the eye of the tiger