With my on and off girlfriend giving me a headache, the vanity of her being a stripper is starting to wear off. As I beat the hell out of my roommate with a wireless Xbox controller, we saw an advertisement for Disney Tickets. This made me think, wtf am I doing in the next few weeks? Why am I not going to another state.

49214864.orlandomagic014Like any other normal human, I have done the Miami more trips than I want to recall. Its time for a challenge and a time to find some hot women elsewhere. Orlando is great all around the year, but for me, the best time is the end of the summer just before summer hits. Its a perfect time since women will be too desperate to accept the cooler weather and remain in their summer gear. Add some cold temps and you can fill in the rest of that logic…think eraser heads if you still are lost!

The plan right now is to make it a guys trip. Fly down, grab some hotel rooms and hit the streets. Since I have a mixed bag of friends, some will want to check Blue Man Group, others Sea World, but I am for some reason accepted to Bush Gardens…I wonder why…haha….the Orlando Magic will also be in the cards for a little basketball but also the magic girls. I also have checked out the local golf courses are there are some better and decent set ups which will have the honor of hosting my group of boys.

Its not always that I get to sort out a trip. I have a roommate that is in love with his job, and two guys that sleep in my living room. Its time for a change and something different could be a good experiences.