Well earlier this week I was pissed off as hell for having a “responsible” roommate that preferred to get to work instead of getting the TV working again..ass wipe was not going to get away.

I planned my mission to break into his room perfectly and this is what went down…you can call it a prank, I just call it therapy for a stressed out buddy (for legal reasons).

It was hard as hell waiting up until 1am for my my roommate to fall asleep. The guys is a heavy sleeper thank god and once the snoring could be heard like a motorcycle rumble, I knew it was go time.

With Mister Wizard, my magic bong, some rolled up materials and a nice zippo, I walked into his room in pure darkness and closed the door behind me. I sat on a desk chair and proceeded to make smoke. Smoke of peace and love if you catch my drift. It was within no time that the room was clouded in thick heavy, scented, smoke. In my room, I take the safety of putting a new battery in my smoke alarm, but retard does not, which allowed for this smoke to really linger. Once my fun was done, I got out of the room and ate a whole shit load of Taco Bell and passed out watching Saved By the Bell. Awesome night.

I am an early riser even with my fun the night before and got up by 8am. My roommate on the other hand got to enjoy a 10am wake up call which equated to him being totally late for work. I don’t know why he was pissed, but he was partly confused as to why he was so tired and groggy and also angry for bring late. I forgot to mention this when I posted, but the mother f’er did eat a big breakfast hehe..munchies without knowing it.

If you think about it, I taught him a lesson, first, do not mess with the Satellite repair appointments. I need cartoons to enjoy with my sugar crisps, secondly, everyone needs to relax these days with their 9-5 rat races trying to chase down lame promotions that only equal to more work with very little incentive. Lame.

My song of the day is a classic.

I shall return tomorrow. Right now, its peanut butter and jelly time.

Ps: Yes, the satellite is finally working also. Dish Network was cool enough to replace the outside unit for no charge and give us a one month credit without asking. Thumbs up to them!