rachel uchitel

I say leave Tiger alone. We all do shit and mess up bad at times. I know Tiger screwed up large and its nice to see the quality of some of the tail this guy hunted, but beyond that, I don’t care if he is going to get divorced, bounce back like Tigger with a bigger career or what ever. I like Gatorade, I like Golf, I also like sex with hot girls.

Rachel thought she was the “one” but I guess she finally met the other girls, some similar hotties, some porn stars, some ugly as sin. Who knows which girls are talking shit but right now, its nice to enjoy a Rachel Uchitel pic set with her nice boobs in a bikini along with some of her model shots before she poses for Playboy for that $1M offer which I’m sure she will take. I wonder if there is a sextape out there too.