I dont know if the ladies still ready my posts or guys for that matter based on the lovable hate mail I normally get…honestly, I dont care. I write and your free to read and reply as you like.

Now let me get to one thing that has been burning in my mind for the last day. CLEAVAGE.

by sanberdoo

Now that I have everyone’s attention, tell me, when a woman wears revealing clothing, do you guys look? I will be the first to admit that I do, and I stare long and hard. Why? Because bending over ladies, wearing those low cut tops or anything similar is asking for it. I cannot understand what you were expecting when at a bar, the grocery store, or anywhere else for that matter you decide to show off more of the breasts in plain sight without getting totally topless. Unless a girl can tell me what I”m doing wrong. I will gladly take this free admission to the gun show. You want attention, you got mine.

Now for the personal story, I was with a girl the other night and we were at a bar and across from us was this brunette girl who was fit and wearing a very revealing top and playing pool. Now every time it came for her to take a shot, she would need to bend down and low to a position where the boobs rested on the table. It was fantastic and all the guys (on dates or not) were watching. You totally know this girl could feel the popular attention she got. My female friend said she was a slut, which I think was out of jealousy.

Enjoy the weekend. I know I will ;)