I don’t care what the haters wanted to say. This guy made it cool and unpunishable to grab my junk in elamentray school while in front of girls. I had his moon walk down by the age of 8 and was wearing his red leather jacket and hooking up with girls at a nice young age while other fatsos were playing Atari.

MJ you were the king of pop and you had your name dragged through a lot of bull shit. If its true or not, we will never know. I hope like Tupac you come back for a reunion concert. But until then, I’m going to pour a little juice on my roommates bed in your honor, smoke a fatty and post up this video:

Its messed up, we lost a TV Host in Ed Mcmahon, a hottie in Farrah Fawcett and a singer, Michael Jackson. Yet, we have perverts and assholes that steal my wifi signal still roaming the streets. WTF!?