I go to different blogs and they have tips on cheap places to eat and take your date or discounts on places to eat…man screw that shit..some of us are not locked down.

In my ample free time I searched this vast world wide web and pulled out some crap that us single and ready to mingle crowd can use.

1. You cant find a date, well look here. I signed up and am talking to a few girls already. I signed up a couple of hours ago and made a profile and got some hits on my page. Its free until Saturday to signup and talk for free. After that you pay. But still, I’m liking this so far. I might have a new place to get AND keep busy.

7 Day FREE Trial: Find your sexy valentine!

2. Yahoo has a promotion too. I actually found this while on my roommates laptop. He has a lot of porn for anyone that is interested in a freak accountant that forgets to close his laptop. Anyone else with a brain, just sign up and use the free trial.

Yahoo! Personals 7 Day FREE Trial offer

3. protection. Don’t wait until V-day to think about buying covers for your units. That is when the good stuff is sold out and your stuck with weird no name brands. I’m telling this from past experience. Go now and get some, I’m sure they are on sale and its better to have a supply on hand to prevent little accidents.

These are my tips. Find a person, make some love and get that stress out of your body.

I love this song hahahahahha!!!!!!!!