We all grew up on this show and for me, it provided hours of entertainment all the way through college. I think everyone can think of their favorite characters and smile. Well today I was just scanning the news when I heard that the show was hurting from the current bad economy and how they are laying people off.

Lots of random comments came into my head:
- It would be priceless to see Bigbird sitting infront of Congress asking for a bailout
- On the show, they already got one guy living in a trash can, two guys sharing a one bedroom apartment, and no one seems to wear clothes. How else can they save some cash?
- From knowing the lyrics of the original song, guess the sunny day isn’t sweeping up the clouds away on Sesame Street
- I guess the show was brought to you by the letters “B” “R” “C” – bailout, recession, cutbacks and the number “0″ for the amount of money left

If those didn’t make you laugh, its probably because you didn’t get stoned for breakfast.

Check out this video instead: