shauna-sand-short-skirt-hooker-bootsSo this girl has been getting a lot of coverage on entertainment shows and sites for her lack of coverage. Really, are these sites and shows run by sad lonely feminists? WTF! Shauna might be a skank for some, but for me, I will gladly hook up with this MILF a few times..and not just at the back of the Arby’s parking lot either! I just found out that Vivid has in their hands a sex-tape this awesome lady made with her boyfriend. Apparently, she admits to making the tape “and others”. and others!? What the hell are all you other females doing? This mom has time to dress like a stripper before dropping her kids off to school while waling on what look like stilts for shoes AND makes sex tapes…yes..plural. Ladies that read this, pick up those cameras and start recording…Shauna is a roll model. Time to hunt this tape down.