Seriously people, how many out there are really “experts”? How many out there are really “professionals”?

I keep getting emails from SEO experts, whatever the hell that is. You must be really good if your resorting to SPAM to get customers. Really now. Has anyone else encountered “experts” and “professionals”? What makes them one? Should I browse through Amazon and get some books, read them in the next couple of days and also call myself an expert professional genius magician? haha..beat THAT!

Today sucks, I want to call McDonalds head office today to convince them to start a breakfast delivery service. Its flippin cold outside and snowy so I just will remain in my bed and be watchin Bravestar. Anyone else remember that kick ass cartoon? If yes, and hell if those that said no, here is the super awesome video clip to bring back some memories:

Talk about a kick ass dude, eyes of the hawk, strength of a bear, ears of the wolf – Bravstar! And then he had a talking horse…when is the last time you saw a talking horse on TV that could blast a shotgun if needed? Yea…never. Cartoon makers of the world need to start making high quality educationally realistic stuff like this for the little kids of today…this stuff is better than that baby Einstein video…I saw those..what a joke.

Oh and before I go, get this Ohio state crack head law. IF you shovel your sidewalk outside your property and salt it, and a person slips, then you can get sued and be liable for injuries…BUT if you don’t remove the snow at all and a person slips and falls, its not your problem…apparently it naturally accumulated and therefore have no control…does this law make ANY sense? and better yet, if I drive, spin out AFTER the salt truck sprinkled its salt on the road, will I be able to sue the state or whomever and win? I can’t find the link but did hear it on the news. Anyone find it, post it. I want to keep a copy because from this day forward I am not going to shovel anything. Another win for the fat people (okay, I’m not fat, but still).