Are you for real buddy? This guy is in the background of some MMA fighters music video AND has his own rap video!? What the hell is the world coming to??

Look at the first music video, you have a handful of big black dudes, and then the token white guy. The tables and turned and really, this kid looks out of place. All he does for the entire video is sway like an orangutan. Atleast one of the other guys tries to fly over a bon fire (you know that is gangster all the way). Enjoy lost some time from your life with this video:

Now the second one, its just an audio from Spencer Pratt’s new rap song. Its hilarious. I AM a celebrity (note, thugs would say “IMMA”). This song is going to be heard all over the clubs I’m sure…so be the first to sample it.

So apparently they did find a link to Autism today and why it its more often in boys than girls. I wonder how much of the research was done on this retard.