So this weekend was the one where clocks go one hour ahead. Sue me for not knowing or dwelling on it all weekend like others.

Its amazing how some people focus on the smallest of things and revolve around it.

No, it did not click when last call was suddenly shortened nor did it make any sense why come of my clocks were one hour ahead. I was busy enjoy some college ass and our shared interest in Mister Wizard the magical bong.

When I got to an appointment late on Sunday, it did make sense. Oh well. I had fun, you can all laugh. But remember, there is other things to worry and panic about rather than making sure the microwave clock is on the right time. Live without clocks for a day and look how stress free you are.

I love that I work for myself, with no real time or schedule and can sit at my desk in my boxers, like I am now, while eating Sugar Crisp cereal with Ren and Stimpy DVD’s playing on my TV. Its the finer things in life don’t you think?