Well its Saturday evening and I just woke up to about a dozen emails specifically asking about all the survey crap I have been talking about. Well normally I won’t talk about business but feel you all need to know where the money at. Hey, if you want to work and shit, go ahead. I have not worked a day in my life and always have money and a good time. Sure, it was hard in the start, but fuck the past, I got money in the bank now.

Its all started with this site: Linky Poo.

To clear one thing up, I did not know I was making money since basically I was really active in the start and slowly, for the last 6 months or so, the account got pumped to $361 which was paid out last week. Once I get the check, I will let you all know more.

My roommate and some of my unemployed friends have mentioned some other sites and places and its all up to you if you want to sign up. Some pay out with a Nintendo Wii (which you can dump on eBay for money), others pay directly to PayPal while others give you cash or gift cards in the mail.

Again, I was new to this, but since I have more free time than a dozen unemployed people combined, I opened up a junk email, signed up and will dance with money in my hands. What do I have to lose?

Here is the list of places:
1. Cash Crate – This is from the first link that started the whole interest. Sign up, take some random offers and make money. Simple.

2. Money for Survey (pay to join): Click Here!

3. Another site around since 2003 that pays for surveys (gotta pay to join): Click Here!

    Free to join

4. Xpango is a site I signed up with, you also do surveys and crap and get paid towards a cell phone, iPod, or Wii or a LCD TV, here is link for free $14:Xpango.com FREE Spring Voucher Worth £10.00/$14.00 Click Here. Use this to get a head start over the rest of the fools that got no free money for signing up. Pass the link only to those that you care about haha…I am half-way to getting my Wii and know for a fact that others have got their stuff mailed with all shipping included so this is 100% legit.

5. Get Paid To Take Free Online Surveys.

6. Take Surveys – Earn Prizes!

These are the ones I’m signed up to. If you want to pass the list around, you wanna try them, you wanna hate on me for making money for doing jack shit, its all good. If you have questions, either post here or email me like usual.

Make love, not war.