…is to do the opposite of what I have done today.

Long story short, I recently got a Mercedes C class which I don’t like, but its still my car for now. Some how, the neighbors cat has begun to piss, or mark its territory all over my car on a daily basis. Then, to add insult to injury, its starting to bring other cats to now hang out underneath the car. I don’t know how to say this, but its fucken annoying! I mean, here I am surrounded by the wrong type of pussy, yet its still all attracted to my car.

My friends told me when i first got the car that this would be a chick magnet, so yea, I would get pussy. But is this was I was promised? Hell no.

Last night it snowed, snowed a lot. So much snow that cats are leaving yellow evidence around my car. Since I will not harm an animal, I decided to take my time today outside after drinking a Corona or two for breakfast.


The energy provided by two bottles of Corona enabled me to shovel my snow onto my neighbors drive way. But wow, not done there…I let the beer makes its way through my body and down to my unit at which point I looked around to make sure nobody was around..coast was clear…I moved over to the neighbors driveway and marked my territory. That cat wants to play? I will show how much my bladder can hold.

Anyone out there have a way to get this cat and its little crew to stay away in a humane way, let me know. Until then I will keep my childish piss party going.