So last post I left of at the point where I was heading out to meet up with the MILF.

Well lets continue boys and girls:

Got MILF?I met this chick for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, its an alright sports bar type of joint which was a good choice since I could watch the college ball games if this meeting did not get into a bed soon. We met up and it was really food, and then down to business. This was great! All she talked about was the fact that she was not looking for a relationship, not looking for a soul mate, not looking for anything but sex!

I immediately got the check for the food and told her to roll through my house. I had to head out first so I could clean up the room – note guys, all girls feel better when the room is clean, so make your fucken bed if you want to get laid. I did that, sprayed a little Fabreez to hid the smell of the ganja my roommates smoke (that is the story I stick with lol)

Once the MILF came over, it was pure action. I really agree that a female has the best sex drive when she gets older. This woman knew some moves that really were fun and had us going for a while before she had to head home. This was good for me too since I had to make sure I was fresh for that night as my stripper chick was coming over after her shift around 1am.

I really loved this. I got to hook up with two girls in one day and then continued my fun all weekend. While others were out there cleaning out their lame ass garages or other Spring Cleaning, I was doing what all men want. Like I said before, it all started with confidence.

Don’t get confidence mixed up with cockyness. When approaching a girl, always be yourself but don’t act like a hesitatant, stuttering, stumbling fool. Look eyes, grin and talk. Its fail proof. Be cocky after if you want about how you scored, but not before.

Finally, don’t think that I get every girl out there. I have been shot down many times but could care less since its not the failures that I look back on, but the accomplishments.

Damn, this became all motivational and shit…