… is locked on the Amazing Race Girls…meow!

Did that title make any sense? Nah. There is a rocket heading out to space, but like I said, my rocket is on target of those two hotties from the Amazing Race season that ended. They came in second place (whoops..did I give that away!?) but who flippin cares…they have a strong career ahead of them if they decide to take off the clothes.

I dug up some pics, they are hot and good job to for show producers for having bikini segments this season. More than once!

Here is a link to some more info on these hotties.

Enojy these pics!

With a week full of celebs of various quality coming out with “leaked” nude pics (Cassie, RiRi, some other no namers), its certain that within no time these two will do the same. Just today, another “star” who goes by the name Hoopz had a “leaked” sex-tape…seriously, its all about one upping the previous for a little fame.

Remember those two girls that were on Survivor a few years back? They lost I believe, damn…who knows that their status was on the show, but I do vividly remember both taking $1 million dollars to be in Playboy.

heidiToday another hypocrite from The Hills, Heidi the blond Christian preaching wanna be do gooder accepted an offer to be in Playboy. It will be good to see those man mades after trying to imagine them in the open all those times I saw her on the show.

But Seriously, one thing to understand, everyone does it girls. IF you want to get ahead in life, take off your clothes since intelligence is less important than flashing your rack for all to see.