grandmaBefore you watch the video today, look back into time a bit. Look back at that kid you used to beat box in your high school or maybe on your college campus. He probably sounded like crap and was a tool desperately trying to be popular. Its how I remember this kid in my high school who assumed that beat boxing involved spitting all over the place.

Well last night one of the girls that I hookup with on the regular was surfing the internet between our “sessions” and for some reason, she got to this video. Its 18minues of two guys at the Google London offices…just a warning, at the start, you might think the flute music is a trick to something lame…trust me…its not! These guys have some serious talent and you really need to check this video out.

Finally, to those little nut jobs that jack my writing and videos and assume its theirs, slow your roll, because if I have to, it will not be a good experience. All I asked for is a link back.

Anyhooooooo, its Saturday morning and I have to get this girl out of my bed and my house for that matter since I am not about sharing my Sugar Crisps cereal with a stripper.