So at this moment I need to run out and get some groceries. But your wondering what that had to do with this title…well listen to this..

So me and my roommate share a pretty big house with a lot of space to spare. In a normal situation, this space would be quiet but having a lot of bum friends who are still cool my books, we get a lot of people that crash in the living room sofa. Being that they sleep in their jeans, overtime, the sofa transforms into a giant piggy bank sucking coins up as these guys sleep.

Since my and my roommate got some girls coming over tonight, we had to clean the place up to give the illusion that its always clean and thereby impress the ladies since they are into that kinda stuff. Show me a toilet that can flush and I’m fine. But different strokes for different folks I guess.

Anyways, so my roommate does not want to clean up since he is hung over. What a wuss. Well after throwing an X box controller at his head and threatening to kill his childhood stuff animal he finally agreed to my commands and is currently scrubbing down the bathrooms and kitchen. Me, I get to take the living room. easy. I grabbed everything and anything and just stuffed it into the closet and put a chair infront of that door so nobody will open it. Then onto the sofa.

Today’s bounty, after 3 weeks is about $23 in change and get this, $1 bills. How the hell does a bill fall out of a wallet and then neatly fall into the sofa? Its some crazy scientific stuff that NASA better get on. In the mean time, moral of this story, dont wait to be told where and what to clean. At that point you are being hustled and the treasure has been taken.

$23 might not be much to some, but its free Taco Bell and some beers that I can enjoy while watching my roommate clean. Orr…idea…I can drink the beer, get energy to take out a screw from his bed frame…that why when he gets into it, the whole thing will collapse. Free money, free time.

Back later with update my triple double u friends…