For all you people that use twitter, I gotta ask one thing:

How do you get 1000+ friends each day? I don’t get it. There are so many “SEO” experts and other people on there that have nothing really in terms of content when you google them (yes I have LOTS of free time) yet each day their stats are sky high. Some bloggers I can understand having 15,000 followers, but seriously, the rest? What is the secret trick? I want to be e-popular too in this binary world lol…okay seriously, I am asking because I just want see if its natural growth, or some sort of secret cult trick only some know.

One of my subscribers sent me this video and I gotta say its a really cool one. Its a short movie that is will done. I know some would not go through the extent of what the dude did, but hey, I know what was on his mind haha.. I’m starting to like these vids I get and post.