For me, this is one of the reasons why I want to thank people who invented the TV, and HDTV signals, for those two combined, provided me with a front row seat to a show filled with hot women walking in heels and thongs for people all over the world to see. Hopefully fat women will realize that a garter fits better when your 100lbs lighter and therefore, more will be taking better care of themselves.

CBS did a great job, they are exploiting the real women that all men want. Fuck the Biggest Loser or anything else, its all about tits and ass. These are the better pics that I found from the show.

So the winner for the 2009 show was: Kylie Bisutti. This hottie is 19 and has a great Myspace Page (linky) for those that want more of her.

Kylie Bisutti Victorias Secret 2009