Be a big ass thug on the internet…see…behind your computer, you are superman wrapped in Batman with the ego of the Incredible can make threats, call out people and have the protection of knowing that your parents are sleeping upstairs and this piece of shit firewall will block your IP…gangster.

Parez Hilton of whatever that douche of a human calls himself got punched after apparently calling Will.I.Am some names and for that, got put in his place. Its life. I call out a person at a bar, I have to be prepared to fight, too bad for my opponents, I CAN fight…however sissy Parez got punched, and then skipped all the way home where he posted this video:

Do you want to be like this? I did not think so. Pick your battles and don’t think that your a superstar thug that can sit behind the computer and give out shit to others without having the risk of people fighting back.