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Brianna Frost lingerie

Brianna Frost Hogan
Born September 22, 1985 ( 1985-09-22) (age 24)

Im a tiny 5’3, 115 lb, african american, native american and german girl. I love drinking, partying, cooking, going out to the movies, interior decorating and shopping.

Hogan’s career started in a strip club in 2006. She performed a strip tease and uploaded it to Youtube as a joke in late 2006. Brianna received emails from companies asking her to do a strip tease for their websites. [2]

Her own website was started on February 24 2007, and was launched May 7, 2007. The web site shows web-cam video, professional videos, professional photo shoots, and statements by Hogan.[3][4]

Her first DVD was launched just before New Year’s Eve 2008.