Take a puff of the chronic and I’m thinking, what the fuck is up with this show’s popularity….

Sara Jessica Parker Sex and City 2I did not have to think for too long about all the fat, single, bullshit drama women worldwide that have the ability to relate to this show and its ugly cast. Never have I talked to a stripper, hooker, or other hot ass slut that would admit watching the show, but the fatties and borderline lesbians are clutched to the ability to relate to this piece of crap show and how a girl that looks like a horse can’t get anything solid except for a round table with a group of ugly women to whine to.

Give me a break. Lose weight by whatever means and stop bitching ladies. If you want to have 40 cats to complain to when your lonely at the age of 40 and a shriveled up uterus, then watch this show and recruit others…otherwise, get off your flap jack ass and make changes.

I’m pissed and I’m off to the gym.

sarah jessica parker horse face