So you might think that is a harsh thing to say, but did you hear about the the idiot that called 911 the other day because there were not Chicken McNuggets at a McDonalds? Give me a fucken break here lady, but there are real emergencies out there.

I managed to find the actual full 911 audio on this retard and you can hear it for yourself. When I first heard it, I was in disbelief and thought it might be a joke, but shit, this is a real of a retard as you will meet:

Now if you want to read the article to this story: check here.

Fucked up part, McDonalds apologized, offered her a gift card and refund. You got to read the apology letter McDonalds sent. This really pissed me off. So McD’s says sorry, but what about the 911 calling, time wasting, potentially delaying a real emergency situation? I wish there were real laws in this country for foolish fat morons.

“Satisfying each and every customer that visits our restaurants is very important to us. Regarding this isolated incident, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. In the event that we are unable to fill an order, a customer should be offered the choice of a full refund or alternative menu items. We regret that in this instance, that wasn’t the case.

We want to correct our mistake. We will be sending the customer her refund, along with an invitation to return for her original order, on us. We never want to disappoint a McNuggets fan or any McDonald’s customer. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.”