twittergirlThere was a point when I asked here why or how some people were getting their following on Twitter to the thousands and more without really providing anything useful. Some of them used a “real’ profile pic, yet that pic was floating on other accounts. Something scamful was going on according to the magic smoke that billowed from my bong…especially when their links were to sites to Acai Berry crap or marketing sites for ebooks that I had to buy (which are easily found on Torrents for free btw)

Another personal reason as to why Twitter is lame is simply the fact its always down. Who the f’n hell has time to go onto twitter at 2am to update their status. Yes, the fat and unemployed for one, the other group that comes to mind is the one that is in the over 40yrs of age group and still lives at home. They have nothing else to do but tweet the night away. Me and you on the other hand, we have a life, we want to get laid and not be sitting around tweeting about what page I’m on in the latest Harry Potter book or how “amazing” Lost was.

Back at it, I found this video which sums how how retarded Twitter has become. You watch this while I roll up some of earths finest and fill the room with smoke. I have to be at my Thai boxing class in a couple of hours and need to relax.

Oh and I just heard this on the news. The idiots that were playing the “whats your porn name game” on Twitter, most of you retards got your password mined. See, the most common password, or password retrieval word is peoples pet name…and guess what the “game” asked people to use as the first half of the porn name. Way to win. Criminals are smarter than you think.